Why to add your hotel?

Why to add your hotel?

As with every Hotelier, you know perfectly well, that a room not sold on the night can never be sold again. This is one of the few products with only a 24hrs shelf life. Once it's gone, it's gone. This is why you decide to discount rack rates when you realise that you will not sell all your rooms for that evening. That is why there is a room for a bid, and therefore RoomAuction.com!



  • 13 years of a successful hotel business

  • over 2,500,000 GBP in Booking Offers

  • average hotel revenues per year: 3,000 GBP (250 GBP per month)

  • top hotel revenues per year: 25,000 GBP (2,000 GBP per month)

  • recent publications: The Sunday Times and TIMESONLINE 

  • communication channels used: Google AdWords, Google earth, YAHOO!, bing, AOL, ASK, The Times, The Sunday Times, Times online, The Independent, Telegraph, Elle etc.


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