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At Ltd we run the Travel Ambassador Programme to promote partners and member hotels using our own website, social media channels and other online & offline media.

We send our Travel Ambassadors (TA’s) on trips to destinations all over the world including, but not limited to: France, Spain, Italy, UK, India, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Iceland, Morocco.

The Ambassadors write partner/product, hotel and destination reviews and share their thoughts and experiences live via multiple social media channels. Our role is to help the Travel Ambassadors promote their reviews on's social media channels as well as the website itself.

Our TA’s are already successful bloggers and/or travel writers with a high and engaged following, so it is a double win for partners who receive promotion from both RoomAuction and our Travel Ambassador.

All this leads to the major goal of the TA Programme: helping our partners gain additional publicity, reach and new clients.

  • the possibility of using the services/products by the Travel Ambassadors for promotional purposes during their trips
  • any additional services offered in order to get mentioned in the reviews
  • a link to the review placed on the Partner's website
  • a review written by one of our bloggers (TA's) which gets published on our website and social media channels
  • a mention about the partner in a review of the destination where the Ambassador is travelling. Destination reviews are also widely promoted via our brand and the Ambassadors’ own channels and’s channels
  • a mention in a weekly newsletter sent to thousands of subscribers
  • post sharing through social media channels

Reviews written by Travel Ambassadors

Reasons to Visit Gdansk

Gdansk in Poland is a city filled with history, culture and fun things to do. I was surprised how easy it was to fill a long weekend in Gdansk, so much so that I want to return to tick of all the things I didn’t manage.

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Swissmed Medical Center in Gdansk

NHS waiting lists and the high costs of surgery are driving more Brits abroad. Medical tourism is growing by the day, and Poland is high on the list of providers.

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London Stay at the London Lodge Hotel

I love staying over in London (even though I have always lived in/around London and work there), and the London Lodge Hotel is in a great location!

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PARIS – re-discovering the city of lights

As I sat on a green metal chair in Jardins de Tuilleries amongst other sun worshippers, I couldn’t stop thinking – there is something magical about the city of lights. It shines bright not only thanks to its nighttime illuminations, but also because of the inimitable radiance of its beauty.

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Who wrote About us?

Sunday Times

Sunday Times

"How do you like the idea of haggling over the price of a night’s stay at a hotel? Let me guess. On the one hand, you quite fancy the idea of bagging a bargain, but — really!— the thought of just phoning up and brazenly asking for a discount brings you out in a hot sweat."


ELLE magazine

"Savvy bargain-hunters are now demanding that little extra from online auctions. Look out for freebay (cyberspace car-boot sale) or haggle for hotel rooms at"

Evening Telegraph

Evening Telegraph

"If you’re to shy to walk up to reception in a British hotel and haggle a deal on a last-minute booking, a new website is coming to your rescue."

.net Magazine

.net Magazine

"Want a cheap hotel room? Now you can bid for one online. RoomAuction is a new site that enables visitors to bid on vacant rooms for less than the standard rate offered by the hotel."

Our Travel Ambassadors

Click on ambassador to read short bio

Giselle Whiteaker

is a magazine editor and journalist, with a passion for food and travel and an eye for photography. She has previously worked in marketing.

Eileen Cotter Wright

is a freelance travel writer and owner of both for females/couples and for group travel guides. You can connect with her via Twitter.

Paulina Hinz

is a freelance travel writer and blogger at

Jen Lowthrope

Travel blogger at She Gets Around & Digital freelancer. Lover of travel, food, dogs & new adventures.

Agness Walewinder

Cez Krol

Sonya Vajifdar

Valeska Hovener

Sav D'Souza

Radek Maciejewski

Gillian Birch

is a freelance travel writer and published author of 10 travel guides. Catch up with her latest adventures in luxury travel magazines or on her blog

Kach and Jonathan Howe

are the travel bloggers, writers and online entrepreneurs behind Two Monkeys Travel Group. They met on the road and have been travelling together for 3 years, 5 continents and more than 50 countries. As well as exploring the world, their dream is to find their own piece of paradise, where they will build their own home and a yoga and meditation retreat!

Arianwen Morris

is the adventure additct behind the travel blog Beyond Blighty. Exploring the world as a solo backpacker, her aim is to share tips and recommendations on the most exciting outdoor activities, from flying stunt planes to scuba diving.

Inma Gregorio

After studying, volunteering and working her way around the world, Inma started A World to Travel to share her experiences around the world and her passion for festivals, the great outdoors and all things travel. She shares her journey on IG: @aworldtotravel and her blog:

Wojciech Jurojć

In love in Asia since his first trip to India 7 years ago. Traveller, writer and blogger at, worked and lived abroad for 5 years, visited more than 30 countries in total.

Maria Berz

Is a travel addict with an appetite for life, passion for international cuisine and love for global culture. Maria is freelance writer & digital expert, the founder of Global Brunch, a travel blog focusing on international culture, urban adventures & exploring the great outdoors, and she also co-hosts the Twitter travel chat #Travchat every Wednesday.

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