How To Use

How To Use

At you see standard rates for our hotels, but what you do is you place an offer (bid) stating how much YOU are prepared to pay for your stay. That offer is sent to the hotel where a member of the reservations team decides whether to accept or decline your offer. A bid is not binding, so you can place your offer in a couple of hotels and then choose the one that accepts the best deal.

So, how to get a great deal? Follow those three steps:

Step 1: Choose your hotel by using our search engine.

Step 2: Bid for your best price at a hotel's listing.

  • most of the accepted offers are in the range of a 20-30% discount    
  • the shorter the notice, the better the deal    
  • include Sunday in your stay and get a bargain    
  • increase the chances of your rate being accepted by dining at a hotel

Step 3: Wait for the hotel’s response and book your stay.

If you are a Hotelier go to the Hotel Registration