Upgrading benefits


Is your hotel already live on RoomAuction.com with a standard entry?


That is what do you get once upgraded:


1) top placement on a list – be on top of your competitors.

2) 3x lower commission – or even 0% in higher packages

3) bidding on rates feature – with no obligation to take the discounted booking

4) full control of bookings – no room allocation, no closeouts, no time wasted on updates


Why top placement is important?
40% of visitors do not go beyond the first page of results and 66% of visitors do not go beyond first 3 pages. Having a top placement of your hotel significantly increases your chances on being noticed among over 55,000 RoomAuction.com hotels


How about 3x lower commission?
Standard entry comes with a cooperation of our partners and usually comes with a 15% commission on bookings. For all our member hotels who buy our basic membership, that commission drops to 5%. What is more, for the full version membership the commission is 0% (zero, nada, nothing!).


What is it about this bidding?
RoomAuction.com offers its member hotels unique feature of private negotiations on room rates. As a hotelier you only show your rack rates, and potential visitors are offering you how much they are willing to pay and when they would like to stay. Having such bid, you can accept it or decline. No obligation. Already 15,000 guests offering to pay $4,000,000 for their stay have used that system. We believe that, having flexibility to accept/decline a booking is a great way to maximize your room sales. As a hotelier, you would never accept a booking with a rate lower than what you can achieve via regular channels. At the same time, your potential guests are getting a great deal when they choose your hotel rather than choosing a competing hotel.

Our upgraded member hotels have the option to keep traditional online booking option, or/and the unique bidding feature.